Five youths drinking alcohol murdered DJ operator at a bar after a fight in Ranchi

Ranchi: The DJ boy of Extreme Bar, located in front of Radiance Blue Hotel in Chutia police station area, was shot dead.

Ranchi Police has arrested two accused involved in this incident.

The entire incident has been captured in the CCTV footage of the bar.

According to CCTV, at around 1 am on Sunday night, four criminals entered Extreme Bar and shot the bar’s DJ Sandeep alias Sandy.

After the incident, everyone fled from there.

After this, injured Sandeep was immediately sent to RIMS, but the doctors there declared him dead.

Regarding the incident, it is being told that four-five youths were drinking alcohol on Sunday night.

During this time, he had a dispute with DJ Sandeep and some other employees of the bar.

The dispute escalated so much that they even clashed.

However, somehow the matter calmed down.

But after some time the five youths came to the bar again.

The bar was closed at that time.

DJ Sandeep and other bar employees were going home.

Then a young man took out his rifle, pointed it at Sandeep’s chest and shot him.

After this the youth also entered inside the bar and fired several rounds.

After committing the incident, everyone fled from the spot.

After the firing incident, Ranchi SSP Chandan Kumar Sinha also reached the spot and took information about the entire matter.

He has formed SIT to arrest the criminals involved in the firing and murder, so that the criminals can be caught soon.

The entire firing incident has been captured in CCTV.

It is clearly visible in the CCTV footage that a man wearing half pants, covering his face, reaches the stairs of the bar, where DJ Sandeep is already standing to go home.

The young man reaches there with a rifle in his hand and a cloth tied over his mouth and shoots Sandeep in the chest.

After being shot, Sandeep falls near the lift.

The person who shot comes out and fires several rounds at the bar from outside.

After this, he runs away from there in his white car.

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