Farmers Stage a Protest against State Government over failure to provide Drought Relief Package 

Ranchi: Farmers across the State stage a one-day Dharna to protest against the State Government over the Failure of the Drought Relief Package to farmers.

A Farmer from Kisan Mahasabha Said, “That Government of Jharkhand provided rupees 3500 to only 10 % of Selected farmers as a drought relief scheme and the rest of the farmers of state ignored.”

We are protesting against the state government’s agricultural policy in which farmers are not getting the right price for their crops.

There is a problem of the storage and distribution of crops, a farmer said.

We need a Cold room Chain system to protect our crops.

Farmers who are below the poverty line and are not getting employment during monsoon season should have been looked up by the government.

Agricultural loans and Drought are the main challenges of Farmers.

Complete failure of Public Distribution Policy (PDS) of State government.

We need basic infrastructure and communication with the honorable chief minister, a farmer said.

Today Multinational Companies like Reliance Fresh and Big Basket of Tata Group buy all products of farmers at low rates and sell them to the public at high rates.

There is a shortage of food crops in the society.

Perishable and quality products are often exported.

There is a conflict in the agricultural and industrial policies of the state government.

We need at least two meetings with the Chief Minister and Agriculture Minister in the gap of 6 months.

The three seasons are mainly Summer, Monsoon, and Cold. We grow Rabi, Kharif and Zayed Crops but due to hot and warm weather conditions, we are facing troubles.

Sometimes there is drought or sometimes Hail Storms and Cyclones ruin our crops.

There is a need of Cooperation from the Agriculture department of the state government.

There is less number of Food Processing Industries available in the state.

Farmers are not benefited with Fertilisers and High-Quality Seeds.

We demand Scientific Direction from the Government.

There should be a training programme of farmers on how to grow crops and protect them from natural disasters such as drought and hailstorm and from animal attacks like how often wild elephants enter into sugarcane fields and destroy all crops.

Farmers are isolated and often get lost due to pressure.

Farmers provide food to the public, if they stop producing crops then the public will eat what?

Government is totally failed in providing tractors and facilities of irrigation to farmers.

A farmer said, there is a scam in providing Seeds and fertilizers to farmers. 

Commercial, traditional and modern farming is affected due to Jharkhand Government’s policy.

Almost 1.50 Lakh Farmers from Jharkhand State will go for a statewide strike if the Chief Minister and his council of Minister’s is not going to listen to their problems.

Pankaj Rai, Who Studied MBA in Corporate Affairs along with hundreds of Farmers staged a Dharna to protest against Chief Minister’s decision on Agricultural Policy in front Raj Bhavan on Thursday.

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