Educated state will only help in realizing the vision of a developed state says Hemant Soren

Ranchi: Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren said that the vision of a developed state can be only realized through education and assured that the students studying in 80 schools of excellence will get quality education on lines of CBSE so that they can become intellectually and socially strong.

Addressing the state-level conference of the management committee members of the excellent school organized by the Jharkhand Education Project Council at Tana Bhagat Stadium Khelgaon he said that for the first time in the history of Jharkhand, such an event has been organized to improve the education system here. He said that in this era of competition, the children of government schools should not be less in any field than the children of private schools or schools of big cities.

He said that his government has resolved to provide quality education to the students studying in government schools in the state. In the first phase children will start getting an education on the lines of CBSE in 80 excellent schools and in the coming time, this system will be implemented in more than 4000 government schools in the state.

By giving quality education to the coming generation, they will be made intellectually and socially strong, he said. Hemant Soren said that the vision of a developed state will be fulfilled only through an educated state and pointed that the state which is educated does not need anyone’s support.

The Chief Minister shared his experiences citing the example of the state of Kerala. The Chief Minister said that God has blessed the state with natural resources as well as natural beauty and there is no shortage in our state, just a little we all and the coming generations need to be aware and with time automatically everything will improve and our state will move forward at a fast pace. He said that the children are not behind in any field and it is necessary that they are connected to resources.

He said that the government is determined to take forward the children who are not able to move forward due to backwardness and poverty due to a lack of resources. He said that day and night the government is making policy decisions and schemes after thinking deeply about the future of these children. 

The Chief Minister said that the boys and girls of Jharkhand have brought laurels to the country and the world in the field of sports and it feels very good when the children make the name of Jharkhand in the field of sports in the country and the world.

The Chief Minister said that it is the effort of his government that along with sports, now the children should also make their mark in the field of education within the country. The Chief Minister said that the children of the state who want to go beyond school education and study in engineering, medicine and other streams, the state government will provide financial assistance and bear all the expenses incurred in their studies.

The Chief Minister said that for the first time in the country, this state has provided 100 percent scholarships to its children for studying abroad for higher education. Some children who went abroad to study at the expense of the state government are doing well after returning to the state with degrees, while some children have even got jobs in foreign countries.

Hemant Soren said that the school system of the state is run under the supervision of the Management Committee. For the successful and excellent operation of the schools, the responsibility of the School Management Committee remains important but the school management committee now needs to be better than before, only then will we be able to realize the vision of an excellent school.

The Chief Minister said that children of every class and every group have to be given equal rights and opportunities for education. The members of the management committee should ensure 100 percent enrollment of children in schools by reaching every village and every house. The members of the management committee should work to provide benefits of a better education system to every boy and girl in the village just like the children of their own family, he said. 

The Chief Minister said that during the district visit, he himself would do a surprise inspection of these excellent schools. Departmental officers will also inspect the schools from time to time. The system is big so there is a need to also keep a close watch on these systems.

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