ED investigation reveals tender commission scam worth Rs 3,000 crore

Ranchi: The Enforcement Directorate (ED) is investigating the tender commission scam in Jharkhand.

In the investigation, ED has claimed that this is a big scam of three thousand crore rupees.

The money earned in this scam has also been sent abroad.

ED has also partially disclosed the ongoing investigation of the tender scam in the affidavit filed in the Supreme Court in the case related to interim bail to Hemant Soren.

ED has recently arrested Jharkhand Rural Development Minister Alamgir Alam in the tender scam.

Alamgir is accused of allotting tenders to selected contractors for commission.

In the application for remand of Minister Alamgir Alam, ED told the court that Rural Development Minister Alamgir Alam is not cooperating in the investigation of the tender scam.

ED said that new facts have emerged from the seized materials, documents and records, which need to confront Alamgir face to face.

There is a huge amount of digital records.

The work of extracting data from various digital devices is still going on.

Also, many new facts have come to light during the interrogation of Sanjeev Lal and Jahangir Alam.

There is a need to confront and confirm these facts with the Minister, because Alamgir is hiding important information about the source of money i.e. the proceeds of crime and is also evasive in his answers.

Actually, on May 6, ED had raided the premises of Sanjeev and Jahangir.

During this period, ED had recovered Rs 37.5 crore in cash from their locations.

After this, ED issued summons to Alamgir Alam and called him for questioning.

After two days of long interrogation, ED arrested Alamgir Alam on May 13.

This case is related to Virendra Kumar Ram, who was arrested on February 23 last year.

He was posted as Chief Engineer in both Rural Development Special Division and Rural Works Department of the Government of Jharkhand.

Virendra Ram used to collect commission for tender allotment.

It is alleged that the fixed share of 1.5% of the said commission was given to Minister Alamgir Alam.

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