‘Dono’ trailer gives a peek into story of 2 strangers sharing common destination

Mumbai (IANS) The trailer of the upcoming film ‘Dono’, which was unveiled on Monday, promises a heartfelt story of 2 strangers who are trying to make their way around life after moving on from their respective love interests.

The film marks the debut of Rajveer Deol, the son of actor Sunny Deol who by the way is currently basking in the blockbuster success of his recent release ‘Gadar 2’, and Paloma Thakeria, the daughter of Poonam Dhillon.

The trailer begins with Paloma’s character of Meghna asking Rajveer’s character of Dev why they are afraid of rejections. It then goes onto tell the backstory of Dev, whose best friend and unrequited love is getting married and has invited him to her wedding. At the wedding, Dev meets Meghna, who is the friend of the groom.

The trailer then deep dives into the vibrant wedding festivities as the viewers get to see the groom and his antics unless Dev, talking to himself divulges that he has come to attend the wedding of his best friend who has loved for over a decade.

Meghna overhears this and inquires about it from Dev, who not knowing what to say, blankly walks away as the screen is filled with songs from the film.

After the song and dance bits in the trailer get over Meghna again asks Dev about his story about the best friend to which he counters questions her saying why are you asking such personal questions, has he ever asked her anything personal to which Meghna says that she is ready to answer all his questions as she is like an open book.

She then says that she had a break-up a month ago from a relationship of 6 years and she is unaffected by the presence of her former love interest at the wedding.

The trailer ends with Dev telling Meghna that he is going back to India as she requests him not to leave.

The film is all set to release in theatres on October 5, 2023.

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