DC visits Silica Bottling Plant

Ranchi: A silica bottling plant was visited by Deputy Commissioner Ranchi Rahul Kumar Sinha. During the visit, Assistant Commissioner, Ranchi (Excise) Ramlila Ravani and Inspector Ranchi and other concerned officers were present.

The Deputy Commissioner reached the SILICA Bottling Plant located in Kamde of Ratu Road where he got information about bottling and its entire process. Giving information by the in-charge, it was explained how raw material comes here, how liquor comes in different containers of different brands in blending, which is bottled after processing. Empty bottle checking, cleaning, labeling, bottle sealing, barcoding, packing, and transporting are done in this sequence.

The Deputy Commissioner directed that the production should be as per the demand so that liquor reaches all the depots at the right time. Deputy Commissioner also reached JSBCL godown Tikra Toli, Nagdi, Piska during the tour. Here the entire godown was inspected by the Deputy Commissioner. Taking information about the entire supply chain, the Deputy Commissioner understood the track n trace technique along with the demand, permit and supply of liquor on time. He directed to dispose of the bad liquor lying in the godown.

Along with this, he directed the concerned officer to rectify the non-supply of foreign liquor within 10 days and improve the supply. He also inspected the foreign liquor shop, Daladli Chowk, Nagdi licensed by the Deputy Commissioner. Here he inquired about the daily stock, sales and was instructed to sell liquor at a fixed price.

The Deputy Commissioner also reached the Excise Department during the tour. The Managing Director, Jharkhand State Beverages Corporation Limited, Karan Satyarthi and General Manager, Jharkhand State Beverages Corporation Limited Sudhir Kumar, held a meeting with Assistant Commissioner, Ranchi (Product), Ramlila Ravani.

He has fixed the supply chain of the foreign brand (liquor) which is not being supplied, selling liquor only at MRP rate and putting notices related to it in all licensed foreign liquor shops, selling liquor of other states completely. If any truck is carrying liquor for Jharkhand, it was directed to keep the information about it to the excise department.

He asked to investigate those who keep Mahua more than the prescribed limit. He also directed to correct the online system and to install and monitor CCTV in the licensed foreign liquor shop. The Deputy Commissioner directed to take action after checking whether the rules are being followed in various bars, whether alcohol is being served to children, whether DJ is being played after 10 pm etc.

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