Collectively Independent 2021

New Delhi (IANSlife) Hope is a potent force. It can take many different forms, but it always motivates us to achieve the seemingly impossible and keeps us going through terrible times. As the fresh year approaches, bringing with it the promise of new chances and horizons, artists have come together in unity and solidarity to assist in this journey towards a brighter future, with new hope for spreading more happiness and love throughout the globe.

Collectively Independent, is dedicated to investigating the delicate threads of affinity between creativity and its variable approach to the realistic world in a variety of emotions. This show features several artists’ constructive techniques in a number of mediums. These artists stay intimately involved with their shared experiences of movement, influences, modernism, and 21st-century existence by producing in a variety of forms and genres.

The exhibition relates to the fact that it is an intriguing look at some of our brilliant minds working together. Art is a language that artists use to express their beliefs, thoughts and feelings to the general public. “Collectively Independent” is the artists’ voice, condensing their ideas to an audience and bringing art into everyone’s lives. A show that brings together a variety of independent artists with a variety of ideas, types of work, opinions, and points of view.

Gaurav Chawla picked up the brush with more zeal after an attack of optical neuritis in 2009 left him with low vision and a loss of colour in his right eye. He creates abstract works by applying layers of paint placed delicately with a knife, leaving textures and allowing the older layers to resurface. The surface of the paintings is animated by horizontal or vertical lines, with the paint being delicate and fluid in some areas while being coarser and more solid in others.

Ruchi Chadha’s works are known for their fluidity and inspiration from nature itself. Having experimented with a variety of mediums, including oils, water colours, poster paints, charcoal, pen and ink, and acrylics, she pours her emotions into her work, to create paintings that evoke feelings of serenity, vibrance, and passion, much like nature itself. Inspired by the mythical forces of nature, Bharti Verma creates vivid semi-figurative and abstract works in oil paint that transport her viewers into wondrous magical realms. Working on the energies that exist in the universe and flow through all of us, she makes a point to the viewer, highlighting the resilience of the Earth and its power to regenerate in spite of the ravages of time.

Abhinav Goyal hopes to establish the role of digital architecture in intuitive thinking and meet the needs of sustainability for the future. He uses art and science together by blending design methodologies and turning complicated things into simpler forms. Inspired by origami, he has created sculptures out of sheet metal. The components are laser cut, folded into shape, and joined back together, creating low-poly sculptures in a range of abstract forms.

Siddharth Jhariya is primarily a watercolourist, although he is fond of mediums like oil, graphite, charcoal and Indian ink as well. His work captures the often unseen facets of common people in their instinctive states, conveying their moods and expressions beautifully.

Soumick Nag is an abstract artist, and the non-linear strokes, thick colours, abrupt line-endings, interesting circles, words without meaning, and the imperfections and restlessness of the colours all characteristically describe his works. His paintings are made up of contradictions, geometry of thoughts, and limitless textures, creating something that is as unique as it is intense.

Sonali Chaudhari likes experimenting with texture and colour, with many of her paintings having themes revolving around women, depicting the strength and beauty of the feminine spirit.

Sonia Sareen is a sculptor who works in a range of varied mediums, having learned from several acclaimed artists and craftsmen. Her works draw inspiration from global spirituality and cultures across the globe, giving physical shape to all her swirling, amorphous thoughts and emotions.

And lastly, Vrinda Jharia is a brilliant young emerging artist, with a sharp perception of scale, colour, composition, and a keen eye for detail. With her own evolution throughout the pandemic, her art has also evolved to reflect all her learning and the patience that it has taught her.

Show: Collectively Independent 2021,

Curated by: IKA, Inner Konnect Art.; Gaurav Chawla and Ruchi Chadha

Venue: Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003

Date and time: from December 23 to 27, 2021, 11 a.m.-7 p.m. daily

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