CM Champai Soren laid the foundation stone of Medha Dairy Plant in Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur:  Jharkhand has to be made not only self-reliant in the field of milk production but also make it among the leading states.

Chief Minister Champai Soren, during his address at the Bhoomi Pujan program of Medha Dairy Plant in Baliguma, Jamshedpur, expressed his commitment to promote milk production and increase the income source of farmers and cattle herders.

He said that the prosperity of the state is possible only with the prosperity of the farmers.

In such a situation, many steps are being taken by the state government to empower the farmers.

The Chief Minister said that whatever plans our government is making, it is working to implement them on the ground.

We are rising above the promotion and dissemination of schemes and are working to reach their benefits to the last person of the society.

People are empowering themselves by joining the schemes of the state government.

The Chief Minister said that the development work done by our government in the last 4 years was not done in the last 19 years.

The way Hemant Babu gave a new impetus to development with his skilled leadership amid the global pandemic like Corona and all the adverse circumstances cannot be expressed in words.

Jharkhand is writing a new story of development.

The line of development drawn by Hemant Babu, our government is moving forward in the same direction and working to beautify the state.

The Chief Minister said that the tribals and indigenous people here always remained marginalized.

No one cared about their sorrows and pain.

In such a situation, even after Jharkhand became a separate state, the people here continued to lag behind.

But, our government will not compromise in any way with the sentiment, identity and respect of the tribals and indigenous people.

Efforts to empower them have started.

They will get their rights and entitlements under any circumstances.

The Chief Minister said that building a better society and state is possible only when our children get quality education.

Keeping this thinking in mind, Schools of Excellence and Model Schools have been opened here, where even poor children will be able to get education through English medium.

Many schemes are being run to ensure that children’s education is not disrupted due to financial constraints.

The state government is providing all possible assistance so that the poor children of Jharkhand can achieve their goals through education.

The Chief Minister said that the government is continuously making efforts to save and enrich the tribal and local language and culture of Jharkhand.

In this series, teaching of tribal and other local languages will be started in all the primary schools of the state.

Children will now study in their mother tongue.

Teachers will be appointed in this direction soon.

The Chief Minister said that preparations have been started to take the JSSC examination which was canceled due to a paper leak.

This examination will be conducted very soon.

Candidates do not need to be disappointed. He also said that the process of reinstatement of about 30 thousand teachers is going on.

Our government is committed to providing employment to the youth.

The Chief Minister said that farmers will now be able to do farming work throughout the year. For this, irrigation facilities are being increased.

He said that water will reach the fields through an underground pipeline from Chandil Dam.

A plan for this will be made soon.

He said that the basic structures are being strengthened in the state.

About 15 thousand kilometers of rural roads are being built.

Under the Abua Housing Scheme, three-room houses will be provided to 20 lakh people.

To increase connectivity between villages and cities, Mukhyamantri Gram Gaadi Yojana has been started.

Apart from this, many other such schemes are going on, which will give a new direction to this state.

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