CM chairs high level review meeting, says government is committed to realise schemes on the ground

Ranchi: Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren said that good governance is necessary so that the schemes are completed on time.

Chairing a high level review meeting at project building here he said that quality should be taken full care of in the execution of schemes. He said that in particular in wake of the budgetary provisions made for various departments in the budget accordingly they should speed up the works and for this, the officers will have to work with full accountability and seriousness. 

He said that the first review of the Johar project portal took place and many changes need to be made in this. He said that soon ministers will also be present in the meeting that will be held in this regard so that a detailed review can be done at every level.

The Chief Minister said that many schemes run by the government are related to many departments in such a situation, there should be better coordination between different departments, so that it can be implemented in a better way. He asked the departmental secretaries to do proper monitoring of all the schemes, so that if there is any kind of hindrance or problem in it, its solution can be found. This will have the advantage that the schemes will be completed on time.

He asked the departmental secretaries to assess and review the schemes run by their respective departments in detail, so that they are implemented properly and everything can move forward smoothly. He said that actually, many schemes are not completed on time and delay in projects also increases their cost. There should be constant monitoring of the schemes so that such a situation does not arise he said.

The Chief Minister said whether the schemes are being implemented or not at what stage is the progress of the plan quality work is being done or not this will now be verified live. It is being arranged with the help of information technology. Under this, information about the progress of all the schemes will be taken from the site. All of you officers should complete your preparations for this.

The Chief Minister directed the officers to fix the timeline of all the schemes. Under this, time should be fixed for preparing DPR regarding the schemes, starting the process of tender, starting the work and its completion. If there is a delay in the schemes, then at what level, how much delay has taken place, its outline should also be decided. He also asked the officers to change their working style and ensure their actions with full accountability.

The Chief Minister asked the Principal Secretaries/Secretaries of the departments to fix their schedules every month. Include field visits for at least 3 to 4 days in this so that they can know the ground reality of all the schemes on-site and accordingly further strategy can be decided. 

The Chief Minister said that many complaints are being received regarding the pipeline being laid for water supply schemes. While questions are being raised about the quality of the pipes, standards are not being followed in laying them. It can easily explain how the water supply scheme will be successful. He told the officials that there should not be any kind of negligence in laying the pipeline. Whatever standards have been set in it, it should be fully followed.

The Chief Minister said that many public welfare schemes are being run by the government but, many times there are disparities in it its benefits do not reach the needy this is not fair in any way. All the officers should take it seriously and ensure that the work of taking the public welfare schemes to the needy and the beneficiaries. 

The Chief Minister said that in such a big system of the state government, some mistakes keep happening in the implementation of the schemes but, its number should not be so much that good governance gets affected. The authorities need to pay attention to this. If mistakes are being made somewhere, quick initiative should be taken to solve them. 

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