Cast of ‘Guns & Gulaabs’ share their craziest experiences on set and more

New Delhi (IANS) The star cast of crime thriller show ‘Guns and Gulaabs’: Rajkummar Rao, Adarsh Gourav, Dulquer Salmaan, and Gulshan Devaiah have shared behind the scene moments from the sets.

The series is based on two rival gangs attempting to individually strike a deal with a Kolkata-based mafia lord and has been receiving praise from fans and critics alike.

The cast recently spoke with IMDb for their exclusive segment ‘Burning Questions’. When asked about the craziest experience on the sets.

Gulshan said: “The craziest experience was between me and Rajkummar. Last time you saw us together on screen, we were all lovey-dovey. You could expect some sparks that were there, but you will see it physicalised.”

Dulquer said: “I guess it’s Satish Sir and my scene with him. I had a lot of lines & also had to abuse during that scene. I was a little nervous about it; he sensed it. He told me it was okay and to go ahead. When I did it, everybody on set found it cute and not like a gaali.”

Adarsh said: “It was when I had to fire a blank round from a gun. It was terrifying to hold a gun even though it wasn’t real. It was crazy to just be holding it. I am essaying a gangster and am supposed to not feel fear, but I was so scared. It translated into the scene because it’s the first time I fired a gun, so the fear you see of Jugnu is actually Adarsh’s fear of the gun.”

Rajkummar said: “Me killing people with a paana that I could have never imagined in my life. Not even in my dreams. It was one of those moments that everything changes in the show because of that one moment that my character Panna Tipu takes that one step in rage.”

On one thing about working with Raj & DK that nobody knows, the cast made their comments.

Gulshan said: “They don’t have the same process; they have different personalities. They have different ways of conducting themselves, and it’s fantastic.”

Dulquer mentioned: “They’re really cool on set. There’s always a lot of laughter on set.”

Adarsh revealed: “Their willingness to explore the absurdity of every situation. It could be a very serious situation, but they still want to push the envelope and explore the absurdity of that, making it unimaginable and unpredictable.”

Rajkummar added: “The writing, of course. It is unique and bizarre in a great way. The collaborative process that they have on set. They are very chilled out and clear about what they want and still give a lot of freedom to explore the character on set.”

Adarsh was asked about his experience working with the late Satish Kaushik, to which he said: “It was beautiful to work with him. Satish Sir had a billion stories. Every moment that I spent with him was so vivid. He had stories from every set he’d ever been part of. He had stories of all the actors I’d grown up watching on TV and in films. It humanises them so much.”

Rajkummar added: “I worked with Satish Ji earlier in Chhalaang. Unfortunately, he’s not with us anymore, but his legacy will live on.”

‘Guns & Gulaabs’ is a comedy crime thriller created and directed by Raj and DK. Set against the backdrop of the gritty 90s underworld, in the unpredictable and precarious town called Gulaabganj, the genre-blending series intertwines romance, comedy, action, pulp, thrill, and twists, with young adult themes.

The show is streaming on Netflix.

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