Camp on 9th and 10th for voter registration of railway employees across the state

Ranchi: Chief Electoral Officer K. Ravi Kumar held a meeting with officials of departments related to essential services in his office auditorium as per a pre-planned program.

In the meeting K. Ravi Kumar said that the Election Commission was working with the aim of achieving the goal that not a single voter should be left out. In order to ensure that officials and personnel working in essential services like Railways, Health, Fire, Electricity Corporation, Media etc. are not deprived of their right to vote during the elections, the Election Commission has not only organized a one-day special in these institutions.

By setting up a camp, any kind of problem related to voter ID card of all the employees will be solved, along with this, arrangements for postal ballot will be made for those voters who are not able to be at the booth on the day of polling due to being connected with essential services. 

In the meeting, Deputy Election Officer (Headquarters) Mr. Sanjay Kumar, Junior Election Officer Mr. Sunil Kumar Singh, Deputy Director of Health Services Dr. Anil Kumar, Fire Commissioner Mr. Amit Kumar Singh, General Manager of JVNL Mr. Sunil Kumar, AGM of BSNL Mr. R.R. Tiwari and B Singh, ADRA’s APO Shri Gautam Kumar, Shri Diwakar Kumar from Doordarshan, Field Publicity Officer of PIB Mahvish Rehman and Smt. Shilpi from All India Radio and officials and personnel of the Chief Electoral Office were present.

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