BJP not able to digest popularity of tribal CM: JMM

Ranchi: JMM’s central spokesperson Supriyo Bhattacharya on Sunday launched a fierce attack on the BJP.

Addressing reporters in the party office he said that the 28-month tenure of the Hemant government has been spotless and not a single case of irregularity has come to light.

He said that BJP is unable to digest the popular tribal Chief Minister in the state therefore efforts are being made to put pressure on the state government in a psychological way. He alleged that a conspiracy is being hatched to harass him through ED and other means.

Supriyo Bhattacharya has claimed that 9A is not going to affect the health of the government in any way. According to law experts, there is no case for disqualification on the basis of 9A through this, the BJP is trying to stir up the bureaucracy he claimed.

Over supporting Pooja Singhal during the Raghubar Das government he said that the then Personnel Secretary Nidhi Khare had clearly said in her investigation report that Pooja had made a mess in the MNREGA schemes and instead of acting on it worship was encouraged. He said that many such examples can be seen from MNREGA to Momentum Jharkhand.

He said that CA Suman Kumar Singh has been questioned after the ED raid. According to the information which he has pressure is being put on Suman to say that all the money belongs to Chief Minister Hemant Soren. Supriyo said that in view of the BJP’s attitude and conspiracy, there is a need for another big movement in the state but this movement will be to save the state from loot.

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