BJP leaders’ vehicle used in income tax raids alleges Hemant Soren

Ranchi/Medninagar: The income tax department raided the residences of two Congress MLAs Kumar Jaimangal and Pradeep Yadav on Friday. After this, the politics of the state became very heated. Chief Minister Hemant Soren also attacked the BJP regarding this. 

Chief Minister Hemant Soren, who reached Palamu regarding the program “Aapki Yojana, Aapki Sarkar, Aapke Dwar”, said that the Income Tax Department is raiding the residence of his allies ruling MLAs. The officers who are going to the residence of the MLAs in the raid are using vehicles with BJP stickers. It is a wonderful thing. They should be drowned but unfortunately, they are teaching us the lesson of morality. The Chief Minister said that these people are roaming around with their faces blackened.

Wearing the cloak of constitutional institutions, they are working to defy the mandate of the country and the state and appealed to the people of the  state to be aware as in this democracy the people have a lot of power as they have the power to vote in an election. With this power, they will overthrow people with feudalistic thinking from power. 

The vehicles of the Income Tax Department, which came to raid the residence of Congress MLA Anoop Singh in Bermo had a BJP sticker the video of which went viral.

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