‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’: Pooja Bhatt’s approach to cleaning bathrooms earns praise from Abhishek

Mumbai, (IANS) In the upcoming episode of the controversial reality show ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’, Pooja Bhatt will be seen talking about the bathroom cleaning duties and how it should not be equated to a “menial task”.

During an open and candid conversation in the Bigg Boss OTT 2 house, Abhishek Malhan playfully quizzed Pooja about the bathroom cleaning duty and its significance if she were to become the captain.

Abhishek asked: “If you become the captain, who will do your bathroom cleaning duty? It’s one of those tasks where people tend to fight, not wanting to take it up.”

In response, Pooja shared her perspective saying, “Many people have reservations when it comes to cleaning the washroom. They may consider it a menial task and hesitate to take it up. But for me, this house is like my own home, and I believe in treating it as such.”

She emphasised that every housemate should view it as their responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of the space without attaching any negative connotations to specific duties.

Impressed by Pooja’s mature response, Abhishek praised her and said, “You handle it so well, Ma’am! Our bathroom is always the cleanest in the house.”

In the latest episode of ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’ things turned awry amid the captaincy task when Elvish Yadav teased Avinash Sachdev and the two got into a heated war of words.

According to the game, Elvish had to turn into a dictator and give work to the other participants. 

The terms were that if he handled the contestants perfectly during this task, he would become the new captain. 

Since Avinash did not listen to Elvish’s commands, the two got into an ugly war of words. Later, Avinash was seen saying that he does not want him as a captain and will not follow the task rules. 

The show streams on Jio Cinema. 

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