Banking services in Jharkhand to be 100% digital

Ranchi: In Jharkhand, preparations have intensified to make the banks of all the districts 100 percent digital. The Reserve Bank has given orders regarding this.  Banks have been given instructions regarding this and work has also been started in this direction. Earlier a decision was taken to make banking services 100 percent digital in East Singhbhum and Ranchi districts of Jharkhand. After the success achieved here, it was decided that bank facilities in all the districts of the state will now be 100 percent digital.

On the instructions of RBI, a target was given to make East Singhbhum and Ranchi districts almost 100 percent digital in banking services by the year 2023. This target was achieved before the end of the year and banking facilities at both the places are almost 100 percent digital. With the bank becoming digital, its work can be done easily through machines.

Banking facilities have also been added to the app so that many tasks can be easily done sitting at home. There is a plan to automate 100 percent of the transactions in the bank. By removing the work of bank employees from such work, now the focus can be on increasing the business and improving the facilities of the bank.

Many facilities will be added with In Touch. SBI is also doing many experiments with In Touch. Many facilities like instant account opening in banks, printing and issuing of personalized accounts, providing online expert advice for investment will be easily available.

Apart from this, after this decision of RBI, the number of digital only and e-lobbies will also increase. After this decision of the RBI, work has started gaining momentum in all the districts. First of all, emphasis should be given on strengthening digital facilities in the districts.

The plan is to launch it with at least one digital product in one district and then gradually expand it. The National Strategy for Financial Inclusion in the country 2019-2024 aims to make access to banking services easy and convenient. Every urban, rural and semi-urban branch of banks and offices of all government departments are to be connected with the digital service.

In this, better networking of BC outlets, micro ATMs, and POS terminals will be done. The steps taken with the aim of strengthening the rural economy can be gauged from the fact that 69 new bank branches have been opened in Jharkhand during the financial year 2022-23. Out of these 69 branches, 30 branches have been opened in remote areas of Jharkhand.

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