Bangladeshi human bombs are more dangerous than Pakistan’s nuclear bombs – Raghubar Das

Ranchi: Former Jharkhand CM and BJP National Vice President Raghuvar Das, known for his outspokenness, said in clear words that the demography of the state has changed under Hemant Soren’s government. Bangladeshi human bombs are more dangerous than Pakistan’s nuclear bombs which entered Santhal Pargana. Similarly, in three and a half years, conversions are taking place on a large scale in districts like Khunti, Lohardaga, and Simdega.

At present, the government headed by CM Hemant Soren does not have the confidence that after winning the elections, we can make someone a minister. This is the reason why a member of the same family was made a minister before the elections. This proves that people are very angry with this government. In three and a half years, the people of the state are feeling cheated by this government. Be it a youth, a woman, a farmer or a common man. 

The legal system of the state is such that people are feeling insecure in their own government. In these three-and-a-half years, we saw two riots in a year. The minority society is also angry with them. Since the formation of the state, today corruption is in its worst form. From block office to CMO no work is done without money. The people of the state now want freedom from this government. Just waiting for the right time.

Due to this fear, JMM leaders are appointing ministers before winning the elections so that they can vote based on the feelings of the people of that area. For the sake of that, he has done the work of making a minister. The gathering of opposition parties in Patna. It was a group of selfish people. We saw yesterday that NCP is fighting the battle of who is the real NCP because of the dynasty politics mentality.

Similarly, the opposition meeting that took place in Patna was of those who do dynasty politics, be it the central level Congress party or the regional level party. Whenever they got power, they did the work of looting the country. By the way, there was a gathering of people doing corruption and dynasty (leave one or two parties). And the people of the country know very well that the country cannot be benefited by the khichdi government.

Before 2014, there was a similar Khichdi government (UPA). Under the leadership of Dr. Manmohan Singh. At that time also people from JMM, Congress, RJD were ministers. At that time there was a paralysis government. At that time there was only one news of scams and scams. JMM Chief Shibu Soren was involved in the coal scam.

In 2014, the people facing that sting entrusted the responsibility of the country to the son of a poor family. And as a result of the work he did for the country in five years, by giving a huge majority in 2019, he proved that there is an honest Prime Minister in the country. /Whereas even at that time there were opposing forces. There is a provision in Article 44 of the Indian Constitution. The makers of our constitution have said that there should be a uniform code of conduct in the country.

The judgment of the Supreme Court of the country is also that a uniform code of conduct should be implemented in the country. So the Prime Minister of India has given a call in the light of the judgment of the Supreme Court in Bhopal according to the Constitution of India that just as there is a head, a mark for the country, there should also be a constitution. There should be a uniform law in the country. There should be no separate law for any class or community.

Today, the people of the country also feel that there should be one law for the country. And the people of the opposition party are working to mislead the people of the country, especially one community. This uniform code of conduct is not against any class or community. This is for the country. A uniform code of conduct is very important for women’s empowerment in the country. And for this the Law Commission has been formed. In which political parties, social organizations and any public have the right to suggest. After its draft is made, after taking the suggestions of the people, it will definitely come to the Parliament. There will be debate.

I personally appeal to the people of the country that uniform code of conduct is very important in the interest of the country. The Bharatiya Janata Party spends 365 days preparing for elections. We live in the election mood in the whole country. Be it Nagar Panchayat elections or Parliament elections. You must be seeing that the work of booth empowerment is going on from our state. My booth is the strongest this is the mantra of the State BJP.

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