Art Mumbai 2023: International galleries in the spotlight

New Delhi (IANSlife) Mumbai’s much awaited art fair will see some prestigious international galleries showcasing a vast and finely curated selection of modern and contemporary art in India, for the first time.

Grosvenor Gallery (London), Aicon Gallery (New York), Aicon Contemporary (New York), 1X1 (Dubai) and Volte (Dubai) will present artworks from across the globe.

With the participation of these international galleries, Art Mumbai, which takes place from November 16-19 at the Mahalaxmi Racecourse in November, will spotlight South Asia’s importance in the global conversation on art and culture.

“Art Mumbai will introduce the international collector or visitor to the best contemporary living artists practicing in India and internationally, showcased by a selection of the best art galleries, all under one roof for a few days in Mumbai. For the participating galleries, this is an incredible opportunity to meet and build up clients from an amazing, vibrant city. I believe Art Mumbai will have a profound impact on the South Asian Art market,” says Conor Macklin, Director, Grosvenor Gallery & Co-founder, Art Mumbai.

Tom Vattakuzhy

With India, and more specifically Mumbai, at the centre of an enhanced cultural movement, as well as the strong growth of the Indian art market in the last fiscal year, Art Mumbai will be a vibrant addition to the international art calendar.

“Aicon is looking forward to making the trip from New York to the inaugural Art Mumbai this November. Mumbai has been in need of a quality international art fair for sometimes and we are delighted it is finally taking place. We have no doubt the fair will be well managed with quality works on display and something for every collector. With the Indian market as vibrant as it is, I’m sure we will see robust sales throughout the fair,” says Harry Hutchison, Director, Aicon Gallery.

The presence of an international art galleries will add immense value to Art Mumbai bringing in diversity, exposure, networking opportunities and a global perspective enhancing the overall cultural and economic impact of the fair for stakeholders from across the country.

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