All police camp premises of the state will be renovated: Hemant Soren

Ranchi: Chief Minister Hemant Soren said that the Jharkhand Armed Police (JAP)-1 campus will be known as the iconic campus for the police force. Chief Minister Hemant Soren said these things in his address as chief guest at the inauguration of the newly constructed auditorium, gallery, food court and other buildings in the Jharkhand Armed Police (JAP)-1 campus.

He said that this campus has been given a new look and added that if there is a beautiful campus and a beautiful working environment around us then all of us can do the work for which we have been appointed with a different enthusiasm and confidence.

He said that the JAP- 1 complex is a well-known place at it is located in the heart of the capital Ranchi. This complex is used for many different functions and he himself has participated in different programs here many times. He recalled that Last year he had come here on the occasion of JAP-One foundation day, then he had decided that this campus has to be rejuvenated and given a new identity which has taken a concrete form now.

He said that new visitors who come here will now see the transformation of this complex and now this will be recognized as a modern police camp complex. Hemant Soren said that the state government will work to renovate not only the JAP- 1 complex located in Ranchi but also all the police camp complexes in the state, even if they are located in remote rural areas.

He said that modern facilities will be made available in all police camp premises and these campuses will be connected with other necessary arrangements including facilities of water, toilets, rooms to stay so that our police force personnel do not face any kind of trouble while on duty.

The Chief Minister said that the government thinks that the soldiers of the police force should also be provided with a better environment mentally while discharging their duties. He said that his government is continuously making efforts to fulfill every need of the police personnel of the state.

The state government wants that all the complaints prevailing in the police system should be ended. The Chief Minister said that the present state government has done the work of giving pending demand compensation leave to the policemen.

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