Agitation from Ranchi to Delhi to save HEC

Ranchi: The movement has intensified from Ranchi to Delhi demanding the saving of HEC and payment of outstanding salaries. On Thursday, a protest was held at Jantar Mantar in Delhi under the banner of India Alliance and HEC Bachao Mazdoor Jan Sangharsh Samiti.

On the other hand, hundreds of HEC employees demonstrated outside the HEC headquarters in Ranchi. He demanded the running of HEC and early payment of outstanding salaries. Urged the government to provide financial assistance to HEC soon.

To save HEC, leaders of the Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (I.N.D.I.A) staged a protest at Jantar Mantar in Delhi on Thursday. The protest was organized under the chairmanship of JMM District President Mushtaq Alam. National leaders of India Alliance also participated on the occasion. The leaders said that after appealing everywhere, today we have come directly to the Central Government. If the central government does not consider our demands immediately, we will be forced to take strict action.

The leaders said that ever since Narendra Modi’s government was formed, it has been selling all the government undertakings. It has sold many central government undertakings like Indian Railways, Indian Airlines, airports, ports to its friends Ambani and Adani. As soon as the government was formed, they had planned to sell Asia’s largest Heavy Engineering Industries Limited, but JMM’s movement spoiled their plans. From the Bajpayee government to the Modi government, everyone has worked to use Jharkhand as pastureland.

Once again a conspiracy is being hatched. HEC workers who built Chandrayaan’s launching pad are not being paid salaries for the last two years. Due to the anti-national, anti-state and anti-people attitude of the Central Government, all the work orders of the company are being cancelled. All this is being done deliberately so that the company incurs losses and can sell it to its friends Adani and Ambani. But these plans of the Central Government will not be allowed to be fulfilled. 

Labor leader Laldev Singh said that the situation of starvation has started arising in front of the employees. Despite such a serious economic crisis, the director here is not worried about the employees.

Opposing the introduction of punching machines for taking attendance from next month, he said that if you want to make the factory a jail and imprison the employees here for eight hours, then first arrange the working capital, open the canteen and basic facilities and pay the salaries of the employees.

Make payment. Hundreds of employees along with P Sahu, YP Tripathi, SK Ravani, GC Sudhanshu were present in the demonstration.

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