After being rejected by people JMM is blaming the EVM: BJP

Ranchi: After the JMM blamed the EVMs for the defeat of the party the BJP immediately hit back stating that since the party had been rejected by the people therefore it was now blaming the EVM.

Party’s spokesperson Pratul Shahdeo said as long as JMM was winning the EVM was alright and when it has been defeated in these polls it was now blaming the machines and demanding that polls be conducted through ballot papers.

He said that by speaking against the EVM Hemant Soren was disrespecting the mandate of the people. He said that Mr Soren should respect the mandate of the people and should stop making excuses.

Pratul said that with the defeat of Guruji end of jmm has commenced in the state. He said that people of Santhal Pargana very angry against JMM and despite the ill health of Guruji he was fielded from the seat. He said that all sections of the society have supported the BJP over the issue of development.

Pratul said that Hemant Soren was right to you accept that nationalism was the biggest issue in the election and the country will remain safe only if the borders are safe and then only there would be some other issue. He said that BJP had fought these elections on the issue of development and nationalism.

He said that Hemant Soren is yet not ready to accept his defeat and was making excuses but in the assembly elections he would face the real truth.

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