Adivasi Football Tournament organised at Dr. Ram Dayal Munda Football Stadium

Ranchi: Aadivasi Balak Chatravash Hatma near Morhabadi Grounds organised Football Tournament at Dr. Ram Dayal Munda Football Stadium in Ranchi on Saturday.

Total eight teams participated in this tournament.

Matches were Knock out matches in which the winning team qualified for Semi Finals and Finals.

Tournament held between Intermediate Students and Post Graduate Students of Ranchi University.

Organising Committee Om Prakash Munda said we organise football match in August Month.

Participating teams are Dharti Aba, Tilka Manjhi, Lokho Bodra, Birsa Munda, Budhu Bhagat, Janum Singh Soy, Jaipal Singh Munda, Seregahia FC.

The Names of teams were put in the name of tribal freedom fighters and unsung heroes of India’s Freedom Struggle.

Chief Guest of the event was Traffic Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Jeet Bahan Oraon.

Players who participated in the tournament were Balabal Singh Kuntiya, Rajendra Chaki, Om Prakash Munda, Bittu Munda and Santosh Munda.

Om Prakash Munda said all the players were felicitated with T Shirts and Shoes.

Winner of the tournament will be rewarded with a Trophy.

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