Accident in Silli, all the dead bodies buried in the well were removed, NDRF team operated for 20 hours, six dead, one seriously injured

Ranchi: In Piska village of Silli block, about 70 km from Jharkhand’s capital Ranchi, it took the NDRF team more than 20 hours to pull out all the bodies buried in the well.

Six people died while trying to save the cattle while one person was seriously injured.

The operation continued throughout the night.

The NDRF team remained frozen in Piska village of Silli.

MLA Sudesh Mahato and MP Sanjay Seth also remained on the spot.

The incident is of Muri OP area of Silli block, about 70 km from the capital Ranchi.

It is being told that the bull had fallen in the well, seven people had descended into the well to save it.

So far six people have been reported killed in it. Only one person could be saved in this accident.

The incident took place at 3.00 pm on Thursday, 4.30 pm.

Relief work was carried out till 7.20 pm. Mantu Manjhi (52), who was buried in the well, was taken out in an unconscious state, who died in Silli Hospital.

The body of another Vishnu Bedia (55) was fished out at 7:55 pm.

The NDRF team also reached the spot at eight o’clock in the night, but the 40-feet deep well was filled with mud and stones, causing difficulty in the relief work.

MLA Sudesh Kumar Mahto, who reached the spot, immediately called for Poklen from another place, then at 12 o’clock the work of removing soil from the well was started by making a ramp from Poklen.

After heavy fighting throughout the night, one person was pulled out at 7 in the morning while others were pulled out till 1 in the day.

All the persons were found dead.

The dead include Ramesh Chandra Manjhi (62), Gurupad Manjhi (52), Dhananjay Manjhi (23) and Bahadur Manjhi (40).

The Chief Minister wrote on social media, ‘He is pained by the sad news of the death of 5 people in a well in Piska village located in Muri area of Silli.

May God grant peace to the departed souls and give strength to the bereaved family members to bear this difficult hour of grief.

Silli MLA Sudesh Mahto said that I demand from the government that along with condolences to the people killed in this accident, also announce assistance for relief.

The families of those killed should get compensation and the government should also take care of employment.

The soil of the well had become loose due to the rains that had been taking place for a few days, the fall of the bull exerted pressure on it and when seven people descended, suddenly the soil of the well caved in.

The incident took place on Thursday late evening in Piska village under Silli Ko Muri OP area.

It is said that after the bull fell into the well, four people descended into the well while three people were helping them out with a rope outside the well.

The soil, which had become soft due to the rain, suddenly caved in and seven people were buried under it.

The villagers first tried to save the people in this accident.

Six people died due to suffocation.

Regarding the incident, Silli police station in-charge Akash Deep told that seven people were buried in the mud.

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