A summer adventure awaits

New Delhi (IANSlife) As the school year winds down and summer vacation approaches, children are bursting with excitement. They can’t wait to spend their days playing with friends and engaging in fun activities.

Luckily, parents have the British Council’s Summer Camp to turn to for the perfect solution to provide their children with a summer full of exciting learning experiences and personal growth. With batch one starting from May 22 to June 2 and batch two from June 5 till June 16, the summer camp is a fantastic opportunity for children to explore their creativity and passions in a fun and engaging environment. The specialised course themes – ‘Fire my imagination!’ and ‘Motivate me!’ – are designed to cater to children of ages 6 – 17, making each child’s experience unique.

Whether it’s through storytelling or practical exercises, this summer camp is the ideal fusion of enjoyment and education. Children will have the chance to develop their English language abilities, boost their self-esteem, and pick up a number of other life skills like creativity, leadership, cooperation, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

Children will have a sense of accomplishment and advancement after summer camp in 2023. With the aid of our knowledgeable teachers, they will work on projects and be able to evaluate their accomplishments and reflect on their growth. They get a wonderful chance to meet new people, widen their views, and develop a perspective on the world. The camp will give kids a life-changing experience and a strong basis for future study.


Age group: 6 to 17 years.

Duration: 20 hours (2 hours/day) for 10 days

Mode: Face-to-face classroom learning

For more information, visit www.britishcouncil.in/summer-camp-2023

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