A Newborn Baby Clothing Guide

New Delhi (IANSlife) Just like adults, babies too need clothing for different occasions. It is not just about looking stylish but also is a sensible thought since different outfits are well suited for different situations. Frequent changes of diaper, spills, etc keep on happening. So, it is necessary for babies to wear clothes that are easy to remove or wash. Babies are continuously moving around and are not exactly aware of how to manage themselves. In such a scenario, it is essential the parents make their babies wear suitable clothes that are also safe for them. Of course, they too have formal, casual & seasonal clothing options. Manoj Jain, Director, Scram Kidswear talks about the various clothing options available so that the newborn is clothed in attires that are easy for the babies & parents to handle.


Snap up rompers are the most convenient baby clothes types for newborns. They are easy to wear and remove. It is also easy to change your baby diapers. You don’t have to pull it over the baby’s head in case of a diaper blowout. The snaps at the bottom just make changing the diapers effortlessly.


A two-piece bodysuit is one of the baby clothes you really need. This complete outfit for a baby is easy to wear and makes diaper changing such a breeze. You will want to have different sizes for your babies because they grow quickly. For a start, you will need about four to five pieces in a day. So, you will want to get enough for the baby.


A three-piece set has got you covered. A round neck t-shirt with long sleeves featuring front embroidery, contrasting drawstring pants, and a matching bib makes up the set. You can have your baby wear it on outings.


They are not just for the winter, but for every season. This is because babies can easily catch a cold. They are also cute, useful for baby christening and bringing home outfits from the hospital. Babies can wear it for outings in cold seasons to keep themselves warm.


Joggers are soft baby pants with an adjustable waistband. You can wear them for your babies when using a baby carrier or a stroller. It is also useful when the baby is crawling all around the house. You can pair them with Kimono tees or shorts. Make sure you buy ones made with cotton fabrics.

Now that the parents have been well-informed to ensure the right clothes are being worn by their baby, it is time to follow suit and let their apple of the eye look like a million bucks.

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