70% of Indian executives plan to add metaverse into organisational activities: Report

New Delhi (IANS) As the metaverse gains traction in the global business landscape, Indian business executives are also embracing the trend, with nearly 70 per cent of them planning to integrate it into their organisational activities, a new report showed on Wednesday.

According to global consultancy firm PwC, about 63 per cent of companies actively engaged with the metaverse say they will fully integrate the metaverse into their organisational activities within a year.

“The metaverse opportunity is enormous and we expect exponential growth because it is relevant across genders, geographies, and generations. Consumers are open to adopting new technologies and companies are investing heavily in the required infrastructure to leverage the metaverse,” said Ashootosh Chand, Partner — Digital and Emerging Technologies, PwC India.

Moreover, the report showed that over 60 per cent of the business leaders affirmed that they have a detailed or good understanding of the metaverse.

Among the companies surveyed, 22 per cent represent telecom, media, and technology (TMT), 19 per cent FS, 16 per cent pharma and healthcare, 15 per cent retail and consumer, 12 per cent industrial products, 9 per cent government and 7 per cent automotive and edtech.

Further, the report said that nearly 39 per cent of Indian business executives say that the metaverse will be a social platform for their company.

About 20 per cent feel that it will revolutionise businesses, creating a mega gig/creator economy, while, 9 per cent believe that it is the next incarnation of the internet.

Some, however, remain undecided — 24 per cent are unsure about how they feel about the ramifications of the metaverse.

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