6 furniture pieces to add a pop of colour inspired by Holi

New Delhi (IANSlife) Holi forms the perfect backdrop to giving your home a quick makeover! But when it comes to home decorating, one often tends to stick to safe and neutral colour palettes. About time you stop playing it safe and celebrate colours with furniture and decor choices.

Adding a pop of colour can really change the focal point of the living room without getting into a major decorating project. All you need to do is choose the appropriate decor. Bright colours symbolise positive energy. Urban Ladder shares some product recommendations and tips to infuse some colour into your home.

Minnelli 3-Seater Fabric Loveseat In Retro Patchwork Colour

Refined and comfortable, the Minelli is like a warm hug. Vintage-inspired, its tufted back and cushioned arms contribute to cosiness. A subtle wingback detail gives it a polished finish. The Retro Patchwork makes the product a vibrant addition to your home.

Korine Accent Chair In Blue Velvet Colour

Edgy meets elegant, the Korine accent chair is designed to be a show-stealer. Gorgeous plush upholstery boasts comfort while tapered solid wood legs balance the overall look of the chair. Lean back and relax in the cosy arms of the Korine.

Collie Footstool in mustard yellow colour

An extremely versatile piece, the Collie Footstool comes with plush upholstery and tapered solid wood legs. Pair it with a wingchair or sofa for extra seating, or even as a place to put up your feet. The bright yellow colour adds a certain warmth to your space.

Belize Engineered Wood Queen Size Upholstered Bed In Finish

Your beauty sleep comes with a beautiful bed. This modern upholstered bed gives the bedroom a stylish makeover. Its unmatchable comfort and irresistible elegance make it the ideal new addition to your space.

Ferriss Metal Study Chair In Fuchsia Pink Colour

Study chairs can be fun too – the Ferriss is proof. This chair sports plush, upholstered seats in a cool aqua or grey. The low back makes for an uncluttered, clean look. As good-looking as any accent chair, the fuchsia pink colour adds a sure zing to your study.

Carven Fabric Lounge Chair In Green Colour

A fusion of fabric and wood, the Carven lounge chair is a stunner. It’s been designed for long lounging sessions with your favourite book. For increased comfort, it sports a seat that slopes backwards. The green adds some character and depth to your place.

For a Holi-inspired home makeover, pick an accent colour that really stands out in the room and group it with similar-coloured accessories. When you pair multiple accessories of the same colour, it brings about a cohesive look.

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