5 Insta worthy Indian destinations to spice up your travel feed

New Delhi (IANSlife) Travel is opening up across the world, and with that, our Instagram feeds are now being blessed with pictures of people exploring new and unique destinations. While most travel influencers flaunt beautiful destinations from across the globe, there is absolutely no dearth of insta-worthy destinations in India.

Right from flower-filled landscapes to snowcapped mountain ranges, there is no shortage of beautiful destinations within the country, especially for those who want to make a quick getaway and explore picture-perfect destinations.

To help spice up your travel feed, EaseMyTrip shares a list of some of the most beautiful destinations that will make others envious of your Instagram feed:

* Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

Popular for its scenic mountain ranges, coniferous landscapes, and 400-year-old monasteries adorned in colorful Tibetan flags, the quaint town of Tawang is considered to be one of the prime Insta-worthy destinations, not just for those who want to grace their feeds with aesthetic posts, but also for those who want to visit a destination with tremendous natural beauty and history. The town is also home to one of the biggest, and oldest monasteries in India, dating back to 1680. This destination is especially perfect for those who want to enjoy an offbeat vacation, and who want to explore the unique hiking trails such as the Gorichen Peak, which gives travelers a breathtaking 360-degree view of Tawang.

Insta Worthy Location: GadenNamgyalLhatse (Tawang Monastery)

* Munnar, Kerala

Located in the Idukki district of Kerala, Munnar is a scenic destination straight out of a fairytale. This quaint hill station is a romantic paradise nestled in the confluence of three mountain streams. Among the notable attractions, the Neelakurinji, which blooms once every 12 years, is a sight to behold, as these rare and unique flowers present a picturesque blue and purple landscape against the green rolling hills of Munnar. The tea estates, Lakkam waterfalls, and Eravikulam National Park are some must-visit destinations for those who want to explore the unique and magnificent sights of the hill station and add more color to their Instagram feed.

Insta Worthy Location: Neelakurinji Bloom Hills

* KremLiatPrah, Meghalaya

From the dazzling blue pools to stalagmites in gleaming hues, the unique caves nestled in KremLiatPrah make a traveler feel as if they are visiting a destination straight out of a fantasy novel. The KremLiatPrah stands as one of the longest natural caves in South Asia and is interconnected with over 150 caves to awaken the explorer in you. The caves can, however, only be explored along with an experienced cave guide, during the daytime, to truly experience the beauty of this unique destination. Winter is the perfect season to experience the vast stretches of cherry blossoms that bloom during this time of the year. KremLiatPrah is one of the most remote destinations in Meghalaya, which is why pre-booking a bus or a taxi to reach your destination from Shillong is considered to be the best option.

Insta Worthy Location: Krem Dam Caves

* Thiksey, Leh

Thiksey in Leh is one destination that is surely set to become an instant favorite, especially with the concept of glamping being at the forefront of the experiences here. While there are only specific months during the year when visitors can enjoy the sights, the pictures clicked here are sure to last a lifetime. The Chamba Camp in particular is a luxury glamping site that offers some of the best backdrops for scenic views. When visiting Thiksey, opt to stay in one of the local luxury tents, which creates a unique wilderness camping experience. October is one of the best times to visit this destination owing to the ThikseyGustor Festival, which gives visitors a unique insight into the ritualistic life of Tibetan people, and the culture that has been upheld for centuries in this region.

Insta Worthy Location: Chamba Camp

* Kutch, Gujarat

Aptly dubbed as the “White Desert of India”, Kutch is a unique destination that exudes a surreal feeling that is unmatched and sure to add a touch of flair to your feed. The vast and expansive white salt desert coupled with a backdrop of a starry sky is sure to have you staring in awe at the pictures that come as a result of it. The Rann Festival in particular is one of the most popular and instagrammable events, as the numerous sights and stalls set up here add a pop of color to an otherwise pristine backdrop. One of the attractions of this festival is also the hot air balloon rides being offered to patrons, giving them a unique bird’s eye view of the vast saline mudflats that are iconic to this region. Kutch is also known for being home to the unique Tent City of Gujarat, whose notable attractions include the extensive lines of white tent houses and stores, as well as the renowned Statue of Unity.

Insta Worthy Location: RaanUtsav (Tent City)

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