Domicile Policy can never be made on Khatiyaan of 1932, Otherwise court will reject it

Ranchi: Chief Minister Hemant Soren on Wednesday said that domicile policy can never be made on the basis of Khatiyaan of 1932 in Jharkhand. Chief Minister Hemant Soren during the ongoing budget session of the  Jharkhand Assembly said that if the policy will be made on basis of Khatiyaan of 1932 it will be rejected by the court. He said that local and domicile policy is on the agenda of the government.

He said that earlier BJP and its leaders were batting and they were bowling, but now they are batting and BJP is bowling and now for him to decide on which ball to hit single, when take double and when go for four and sixes. The Chief Minister said that in 14 years, the BJP government has devastated the state in many ways.

Again, zero work has to be done in erecting those systems. Further attacking the BJP he said that everyone knows that this state is going to lay the golden egg, but to get the egg one has to feed, not tear the stomach and take out the eggs and had the present government followed in their (BJP) footsteps not a single Jharkhandi would have got a job. Responding to the uproar of the opposition, the Chief Minister said that he was not their Prime Minister, but if luck will favor he will definitely become their Prime Minister in future.

He said that he saw the Prime Minister’s interview on TV twice. He said that the Center claiming that is giving full money in the Ayushman Bharat scheme. He asked as to whether the entire money is being received from the Centre. He said that they (BJP) have social media and speaker of news channels therefore they want that whatever they say is right.

The CM said that the BJP is beating its chest by saying that crime has increased in Jharkhand, but 13 Maoists have surrendered in this government. 7-8 Maoists have been killed in the encounter. He said that while there were 3798 murders in the BJP government, 3740 murders took place in his government, where 438 dacoits took place in the BJP government, 244 in his government, where 19,861 incidents of theft took place in the BJP government, while 19,503 incidents took place in his government.

The Chief Minister said, while there were 910 Maoists related incidents in the BJP government while there were 707
incidents in his government. The Chief Minister said that the public will soon take down the pride of BJP.

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