On a quest for chemical-free veggies?

New Delhi (IANSlife) As more people become cognizant of what they buy and put on their plates, there is a growing demand for farm-fresh vegetables and healthy alternatives. Organic vegetables are alive, as opposed to conventional vegetables, which are waxed … read more

Should you try plant-based protein?

New Delhi (IANSlife) Plant-based diets are becoming more popular for health and environmental reasons, as they include animal welfare. Those who follow this diet, frequently worry about getting enough protein, especially because there are several types of meat and dairy … read more

Faberge introduces Limited-Edition watch

New Delhi (IANSlife) High joaillerie brand Faberge has created a fresh iteration of The Compliquee Peacock Watch this summer. Made in collaboration with Master Craftsman Andre Martinez, an expert in miniaturist artistic painting on watch dials, and Workmaster Jean-Marc Wiederrecht … read more