5% Reservation for dependents of Jharkhand movement activists in third and fourth grade jobs

Ranchi:  Parliamentary Affairs Minister Alamgir Alam placed a resolution on the table of the Assembly regarding the commission formed to honor the Jharkhand agitators.

In this resolution of the Home, Jail and Disaster Management Department, the formation of the commission, its objectives and the benefits given to the agitators have been mentioned.

The government has made it clear in the resolution that a member of the family of Jharkhand movement activists who were martyred in police firing or jail or disabled will be given direct appointment in third or fourth grade.

At the same time, dependents of other Jharkhand movement activists will be given 5 percent horizontal reservation in third and fourth grade jobs.

In the dependent category, the agitator’s wife, son, unmarried daughter, son’s widowed wife, husband of the agitator woman and grandchildren of the agitator will be included.

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