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Ranchi, Dec 22 : Five people of criminal background were beaten to death by the villagers on charges of eve teasing in Jharkhand’s Khuti district on Saturday, police said.


“ The villagers beaten to death five people at Manhu village of Khuti district. These people were killed by crushing their heads with big stones” told a police official to NJS  here. The village is around 70 Km from Ranchi.


According to police,  Bhrat a criminal background person was doing stone work in the villages. The villagers were opposing their work. His men were found misbehaving with the women and girls of the village. The villagers including both men and women equipped with traditional weapons surrounded them and asked to leave the village. One of the five took out gun and tried fire on the villagers. The villagers chased hem and caught them. They were beaten up and killed by hitting their heads with big stones.


“ We were fed up with their misbehavior with women of the villages. We decided to do their Sendra (kill them today” a villager was quoted saying in a local news channel.


The dead people have been identified as Suraj Mahato (22), Pappu (20), Prem (20), Ram Naik (22) and Mahindra Lal Prasad (42).



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