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Investment in Jharkhand declined –ASSOCHAM

Budget highlights of 2015-2016-

Budget highlights of 2015-2016-2

Budget highlights of 2015-2016-3

Budget highlights of 2015-2016-4

Jharkhand Govt lays budget of Rs 55,492.95 crore for 2015-16

In Jharkhand, per capita debt is Rs.10,000, but per capita income is Rs 37000

Budget highlights of 2014-2015- 9 th part

Budget highlights of 2014-2015- 8 th part

Budget highlights of 2014-2015- 6 th part

1,320 acre land in Jharkhand approved for JSPL power project

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Ranchi, Aug 3 --- Jindal Steel and Power Limited (JSPL) has been allocated 1320 acres of land by Jharkhand govt to set up thermal power plant in Jharkhand’s Godda district, said an official.

“ JSPL has been allocated 1320 acre of land to set up thermal power plant in Gooda district. The land was allocated by the an empowered committee headed by Development Commissioner” said A.K. Rastogi, special secretary of Land and Revenue department.

Rastogi also informed that committee has also approved 326 acre land for the proposed 600 MW thermal power by Kolkata Sub-urban Electrical Supply Company at Ramgarh in Dumka district.

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