Amid rising cases of Coronavirus Governor urges people to wear masks & follow social distancing

Ranchi: Jharkhand Governor Draupadi Murmu on Thursday expressed her concern over the rising cases of Coronavirus in the country and urged the people to use masks and maintain social distancing.

She said that in the entire country on a war footing vaccination drive is on but people needed to follow precautions. She has urged all the traders and shop keepers to wear masks and also make their customers wear masks and follow social distancing.

In her message to the people of the state she said that in the manner in which they had followed discipline at the start of the pandemic they needed to once again adopt the same discipline and behaviour in their lives.

She said that on stepping out of the homes people should wear a mask and adopt social distancing. The Governor said that incase anyone is detected positive for coronavirus then immediately they should get their treatment done.

Ms Murmu said that every life is important however people also needed to take a pledge that in order to get victory against coronavirus along with medicines they would also follow the necessary precautions.

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