Jack Daniel’s relaunches its brand

New Delhi (IANSlife) Premium whiskey brand Jack Daniels is being re-launched globally with a new brand communication platform; Make it Count as part of the rebranding exercise. The 154-year old company, which is found in more than 170 countries, intends … read more

Five rules for choosing festival footwear

New Delhi (IANSlife) Abandoning those home slippers and finally going out during festivals is something everyone is gearing up for. But with the excitement for buying that new shiny pair of footwear, one shouldn’t forget the measures that should be … read more

Nights warming faster than days, shows research

New Delhi (IANSlife) Global warming is affecting daytime and night-time temperatures differently – and greater night-time warming is more common than greater daytime warming worldwide, shows new research. According to University of Exeter scientists, who studied warming from 1983 to … read more

Breastfeeding in Covid-positive mothers

New Delhi (IANSlife) The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has posed numerous challenges to people across the globe. As people are still trying to come to terms with co-existing with the virus, expecting mothers and parents have various questions around breastfeeding and … read more