Tricolour recipes for Republic Day

New Delhi (IANSlife) Celebrate Republic Day by indulging in culinary delights — revel and partake in our country’s love affair with delicious food! Here are a few specially curated recipes, inspired by the colours of the National Flag to help you celebrate the joyous occasion with your loved ones.

Chef Rajiv Das, Executive Sous Chef, Courtyard by Marriott Mumbai, shares his creative expertise that are both delightful and Instagramable!




Butter: 250 gms

Grain Sugar: 250 gms

Whole eggs: 5 nos

All purpose flour: 250 gms

Baking powder: 5 gm

Mixed berries: 100 gm

Vanilla Essence Few drops

Sugar fondant: 400 gms

Food colour (orange and green): As required


Cream the butter at room temperature, add sugar and keep creaming. Add the whole eggs one by one and keep creaming, until mixture becomes soft and fluffy.

Add all the dry ingredients and fold well. Add berries and mix with a light hand

Line small square silicon mould with butter and flour and pour the mixture.

Bake at 180 degree pre-heated oven for 15 mins.

Check the baking and if needed, cook for 5 mins more. remove it and allow it to cool.

Divide the sugar fondant into three parts, add orange colour in one, mix well, add green colour in other and mix well and keep third part as white.

Roll each sugar fondant with the help of a rolling pin. Cover each small cake nicely with the trio of fondants so it resembles the colours of the Indian flag.

Decorate it with fondant flowers and leaves.



Kiwi Chunks: 8-10

Kiwi syrup: 10 ml

Cream based sparkling water: 200 ml

Orange syrup: 30 ml

Fresh mandarin slice: 1

Mint leaf: 1


Muddle kiwi chunks in the kiwi syrup and pour it at the base

Put a layer of crushed ice in the glass and add cream soda

Top it up with orange syrup

Garnish it with fresh mandarin slice and a mint leaf



Agar-agar: 2 Sheets

White chocolate: 200 gms

Dairy cream: 100 ml

Mascarpone cheese: 150 gms

Orange juice: 60 ml

Vanilla essence: Few drops

Kiwi crush: 100 ml

Raspberry compote: 1/2 TBSP

Whipped cream: 300 gms


Bloom agar- agar in water and keep aside.

To make white chocolate ganache, heat the dairy cream on low heat and add white melted chocolate.

Whip the cream till soft peaks, add cold white chocolate ganache, mascarpone cheese and agar -agar.

Divide the above whipped cream mixture into three parts and add reduced orange juice in one part.

Add Kiwi crush in another part and keep third part as it is.

Take a presentation glass and pipe the above mixture with the help of piping bag.

First pipe green kiwi mixture, then white and lastly, the orange mixture.

Decorate it with raspberry compote.

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