Healthy Eating Habits as You Age

New Delhi (IANSlife) As we age, the involuntary loss of muscle mass and muscle function has a major impact on quality of life. Based on research, muscle loss is faster in men than in women and can lead to a number of health problems.

While healthy eating and staying fit are essential at all stages of life, eating right is especially important for aging adults, as their bodies restrict what can and cannot be digested. Here are some tips for men to adopt healthy eating habits.

The Simplest Health Mantra: Eat Fresh

The simplest mantra for healthy eating is to eat freshly prepared foods and fruits that are available in season. The diet should include regular foods, with fresh fruits and vegetables in their purest and most basic form being an essential part of the diet.

The Whole30 Diet

The Whole30 diet, which has recently gained popularity, works on the principle that emphasises the need for whole foods in their natural form with minimal added ingredients. This diet programme prohibits sugar in all its forms and recommends avoiding dairy products, grains, legumes, and all types of processed foods.

Stick to the Indian dietary thali & regular exercise

Our Indian style of cooking uses everything from fruits and vegetables to legumes, all of which are necessary to consume to meet your nutritional needs. Some humble Indian recipes, such as khichadi and dalia with the addition of seasonal vegetables, are packed with nutrients and fibre and are ideal for maintaining the health of families, including the elderly with dental problems. About 33 per cent of adult men have a low body mass index (BMI) and therefore, while observing their diet it is also important to include aerobic exercises such as walking, cycling, swimming and resistance training such as lifting weights to burn calories, muscles and stay active.

Balance your nutrition with right supplements

A regular and balanced diet is essential to meet daily nutritional needs. However, there may be some nutritional gaps, which can fill these gaps with the help of supplements. Even if you eat your serving of fruits and vegetables, you may still be deficient in vitamins and minerals, and these deficiencies can manifest themselves in a variety of minor ways, such as making the elderly weak, forgetful, or generally tired.

To fill these gaps, one can add a balanced supplement like Certain to increase muscle mass and energy, improve digestive health and boost immunity. For diabetics, a specific oral supplement like Career Diabetes Care works well between meals because it has a slow-release energy system to control blood sugar and help with weight management.

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